Brochure: Polish General Exposition, Poznan, Poland 1929 (Czech Version)

This brochure is a memento from a moment in Poland’s history lost in time forever: in the years after the founding of the state of Poland in 1918 and before the economic collapse of the Great Depression and World War 2, discount cialis troche Poland staged a massive General National Exhibition, best viagra viagra in 1929 in Poznan.


Polish General Exposition 1929, there Cover

Despite Poland’s troubles and its lower level of economic development, Poland produced some outstanding graphic design work in the modern style in the 1920s and 1930s. Less of it has survived than material from Germany, Italy and other countries but that which does survive is just as wonderful and beautiful. The material also represents some truly unique items of the modern or art deco style, not doubt influenced by events in Germany and the USSR (though the Poles would deny this). This exhibition in 1929 generated a large amount of material of which this post is focused on.


Poster Stamps in French from the Polish General Exposition 1929

This massive trade fair, the leading trade fair of the Polish state, was in Polish the “Powszechna Wystawa Krajowa, or PWK or PeWuKa.”  Translated as the “General National Exhibition, in 1929 it was visited by 4,5 million people. There is an excellent article here on the Exhibition. The introduction states:

“The Polish National Exhibition organised in Poznan in 1929 was meant to present the achievements of Poland during ten years of its independence. What was particularly significant about the exhibition of this kind was its architectural layout and ideological dimensions of forms, representing most of the stylistic trends used in the late 1920s and early 1930s.”

The brochures and publicity for the Exhibition were published in most of the major languages of Europe and so many non-Polish examples survive. This one in in Czech: “Všeobecna Zemská Výstava, 1929 Poznan – kv?ten zá?í.”

The color images were also used in other advertising: posters, postcards and poster stamps. The second image above is of a French-language poster stamp version of the image. Any art that was created was used as many times as possible, in as many formats as available.


Polish General Exposition 1929, inside view one


Polish General Exposition 1929, inside view two


Polish General Exposition 1929, inside view three


Polish General Exposition 1929, inside view four


Polish General Exposition 1929, inside view five


Polish General Exposition 1929, back cover

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  • Ted Hajke 10 May 2015, 12:30

    Hi- found your site while researching 1929 poster 27.5 x 35.25 for Poznan General National Exhibition. Purple, green, yellow, white with eagle. Two short tears at top, couple tiny margin nicks, very clean overall. Would easily restore to mint appearance. Before I spend time researching value to list with Swann or ebay, thought I’d ask if you have an interest in making an offer. Ted Hake. Founder, Hake’s Americana & Collectibles Auctions


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