Architectural Forum June 1972

I have always loved architecture and I have always loved Walt Disney World / Disneyland. So what could be better than an architecture magazine with an article on Walt Disney World? When I saw this cover from a June 1972 issue of Architectural Review I could not pass it up.


Architectural Forum June 1972, tadalafil tadalafil Cover

The Architectural Forum was published from 1892 and ended its run in 1974. From a period starting in the 1940s until it ceased, viagra canada check Architectural Forum featured beautifully designed covers combing current graphic design concepts, doctor photography and photomontage, graphics, and font usage. For more see this post on codex99.

This example is a wonderful case in point — the cover is documentary in that it provides an overview of Disney World. However, it is also abstract in that it focuses on a view of the roofs of the buildings in the park. However, it is of note that the view is from above Fantasyland, a part of Disney World celebrating childhood fantasies and escapes from reality, and focused towards the future or the modern (for 1972) hotel which Disney called the “Contemporary Hotel” and which was – at the time – the flagship resort of Walt Disney World.

Not only was the hotel “modern” but it had that other wonder of past “futures” – a monorail – going right through the hotel. So, there is this contrast between the fantasy and modernity of Disney World which does a good job of capturing in one image Walt Disney’s own interests.

And there is the spare use of what appears to be red Helvitaca font, positioned just right of center to catch your eye, for the name of the magazine with the full name and month and year in small white font on top left, blending in with the clouds. Love it.

I have about 50 issues that I will be posting in due course (this is my favorite) – stay tuned.

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