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Brochure for the St. Gellért Hotel, Budapest, circa 1932.  Signed "R." Brochure for travel to Budapest, 1932.  Published by the Budapest Travel office. Travel brochure for "St. Stefans-Fest - Budapest, Ungarn," (St. Stephen's Day), 1934.  Signed "Ífj Ríchter," published by the "Haupstadt Hausdruckerei, Budapest." Budapest - Bäderstadt (Budapest - Spa City), circa 1935.
Brochure "Wien - Budapest," circa 1932. Sightseeing Tours - Budapest and Hungary  - IBUSZ, circa 1935.  Printed by Athenaeum. Travel brochure for "Budapest - The World's Greatest Health Resort," circa 1930. Travel brochure for the auto route Wien-Budapest (Vienna-Budapest), circa 1930.  Unsigned. 

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