Brochure for "Moderne Kunst aus Privat Besitz, 9 April / Mai 1922, Leipziger Kunstverein" (Modern Art from Private Collections, April 9 - May 1922, Leipzig Art Society).  Signed "Mathéy." This was the item that sent me down the rabbit hole.....

Georg Alexander Mathéy (1884-1968) was a painter and author, and a famous graphic artist. Between 1920 and 1929 he was a professor at the "Staatlichen Akademie für Buchgewerbe und Graphik" [National Academy for the Book-Trade and Graphic Arts] in Leipzig, Germany, and director of the "Werkstätten für Buch- und Steindruck" [Workshop for Book Design, Typography and Lithography] at Leipzig, Germany. Thanks to Roland in Germany for this information.



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